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General tips for eye safety and vision protection:

Tip 1

Make sure that you and your family get regular general eye exams

Tip 2

Check your eye sight every now and then and make sure to wear eye glasses if you need them

Tip 3

Make sure you clean and sterilize your hands well before getting them in contact with your eyes

Tip 4

If you need to rub your eyes, use a paper tissue

Tip 5

Preserving general health is key to preserving eye health

Tip 6

Monitor your blood pressure every now and then because an increase in blood pressure has a negative effect on the eyes

Tip 7

Monitor your blood sugar regularly because it is a well-known fact that complications from diabetes have an effect on the eye, especially the retina

Tip 8

Fruits and vegetables are very important for eye health. Don’t forget to increase your intake with foods that contain Vitamins A and C

Tip 9

Every 15 minutes, take a break from looking directly into the computer screen by relaxing your eye muscles. You can do this by closing your eyes or looking away from the computer screen and focusing on something further away

Tip 10

A healthy and balanced diet are very important for the safety of the eye, especially for infants and elders

Tip 11

To avoid eye dryness, stay away
from any air drifts such as fans, air-conditions, hair dryers or open car windows.

Tip 12

To avoid exhausting your eyes,
make sure you rest your eyes and get enough sleep

Tip 13

Make sure there’s a minimum
distance of 3 meters when sitting in front of the television

Tip 14

Try to decrease the brightness
of the computer screen

Tip 15

Avoid looking directly into any source of strong light such as
bright spotlights

Tip 16

Don’t look directly into sunlight

Tip 17

Keep sharp objects such as needles, screws, scissors and knives away from your eyes

Tip 18

It is advised that children avoid throwing rocks at each other because a lot of cases of internal bleeding and the loss of vision occur because of that

Tip 19

To ensure the safety of your children’s eyes, its better if your children avoid playing with any sharp objects or toys such as swords, even if made out of plastic. Also avoid any toys that involve throwing or striking, such as arrows and spears.

Tip 20

Prevent your children from playing with any firecrackers, to avoid any flares or burning substance to reach the eyes

Tip 21

It is recommended that workers put on safety goggles to protect their eyes from the flares that come out of machines.

Tip 22

The chemical substances in makeup are harmful for the eyes, that’s why you should make sure the products you buy are safe and have proper licensing

Tip 23

Increasing awareness on the importance of vitamin A might prevent countless cases of blindness

Tip 24

Avoid first and second hand smoking since the smoke harms the eyes and causes infections
and dryness.

Tip 25

Avoid sandy areas and sandstorms and try to protect the eye by wearing goggles that cover up the whole eye including the sides

Tip 26

While swimming, it is advised that you wear goggles from the good time that cover the entire eye. Also protection against UV rays is very important so you must wear sunglasses while sitting under the sun, even if the weather is cloudy, keep in mind that UV radiations reach their peak between 10 am and 4 pm during summer and spring.

Tip 27

It is preferred that you wear goggles when playing sports that could cause eye injury.

Tip 28

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses when going out into the sun so you can be protected by UV rays. High quality sunglasses absorb UV rays and protect your eyes from their harm. It is also advised to wear a hat to avoid the sun coming in direct contact with the eyes.

Tip 29

Before using anything spray able, make sure the nozzle is directed away from the eyes

Tip 30

Be careful while using chemical substances that are used in houses such as bleaching fluids, ammonia, and cleaning detergents

Tip 31

If your car gets overheated, don’t open the radiator cover until the car is completely cooled down. After it is cooled, you can open the cover but make sure you don’t bend over or get too close to avoid hot oil or water from getting in contact with the eye

Tip 32

In case of any eye injury, make sure people around you don’t interfere and go immediately to a doctor

Tip 33

If any foreign body enters the eye, don’t let yourself or anyone else try to remove it, instead go to a doctor immediately

Tip 34

If any chemical substance gets in touch with your eyes, wash them with water then head straight to a doctor

Medical Tips

Health Tips Doctors Videos

General tips for eye safety and vision protection:

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