Medical Tourism in Jordan

Medical tourism in Jordan is ranked by the World Bank report in 2014 as the first in the Middle East and North Africa and the fifth worldwide. Jordan is the only country in the Middle East that generates more income than its expenditure in the
healthcare industry, and it is proudly on the fast track to the top in the healthcare field. Jordan has 8 million tourists, 250,000 of them are patients who come from 102 countries. Jordan also possesses natural and cultural attractions for tourists, which adds to its advantage as a medical tourism location, as it embraces “Petra, one of the recently crowned Seven Wonders of the World. Jordan is also home to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, which is considered one of the best natural spas in the world. The centers of excellence in eye care in Jordan, like Shami Eye Center, ensure the provision of high quality standards in healthcare services that implement certain core values; quality, accessibility, availability and affordability.

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