In the context of our high sense of responsibility towards the local community, and in collaboration with governmental, nongovernmental organizations,academic institutions (universities & schools) and various charitable organizations, Shami eye center team and its partners regularly offer their best quality services in the field of Ophthalmology & Eye care. This is done in line with our efforts to support people living in underserved areas in the periphery of Jordan, and it is achieved through medical campaigns during which patients are whole-heartedly welcome to be diagnosed and receive appropriate treatment if needed.

Underserved Communities Most of us who are fortunate enough to be well-sighted may never have given a thought about this: But when we wake up every morning, the first thing we do is to open two of our greatest gifts – our eyes. For some, however, the gift of sight is something that permanently evades them.

“Shami Eye Center” is characterized with its continuous commitment to the care of the less fortunate and those in need through the provision of highly specialized services to a broader community. Shami community outreach efforts include Medical campaigns in which free eye exams and medical advice is given to patients living in underserved areas in Jordan and the Middle East. Shami Eye Center holds many public educational activities to highlight the means for protecting eyes and available treatments for various conditions that impair vision.

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